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Practice Areas

Accounting for Companies is ever evolving in the areas of Taxation and Payroll by way of changing legislation, in management accounting by way of  advances in technology and clever ways of showing information more meaningfully.  Book keeping and financial reporting usually see less of this change.

All make up important elements of the whole.


  • Corporation Tax

  • VAT

  • Personal Taxation

  • PAYE System

  • Taxation Planning and Modelling

We have been working in this area since 2004.  Often we find, that certainly small businesses do not accurately record the expenditure they incur, and this relays into paying more corporation tax and sometimes VAT.

At VNAC we provide detailed reminder sheets of all the possible expenditure that might have taken place and not properly recorded.  This alone has saved our clients thousands.

Using a number of internal software programs we can also work out the taxation planning figures that will be optimal for the business.   For example the question of how much should be taken out of the business as it grows?  Or the classic question of dividends v's Remuneration.

Other Services


Services that we do not offer directly, but can nevertheless help with securing include via associates include:

  • Auditing, Internal and External

  • SEO And Marketing

  • Business Finance

  • Bad Debt Recovery

  • Invoice Factoring

  • VAT and HMRC Inspections



  • Thorough compliance using various Software packages

  • Process administration

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • General, Purchase and Sales Ledger

  • Fixed Asset Management

Making sure your entries are correct and well documented in accounting bis the base from which everything else is built.  

We go to extreme measures in making sure we have every backing paper necessary to substantiate our work.

Steps are taken to physically and digitally store all our primary documents for the required 6 years period, while now also making sure all our work is encrypted using the latest software.

We are now pushing to use cloud based accounting software in the main.   Our main software packages of choice (where we can offer our clients some savings) at present are:


  • PAYE

  • AutoEnrolement

  • Employee data modeling and Analysis

  • Final end of year returns


Payroll can be extremely complex in line with incentive schemes and benefits.  We have a great team that we use for all your Payroll needs that are specialists in this area alone.

To date we have worked with several employment agents where this type of work makes up the bulk of accounting with great results.​​

Management Accounting

  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Variance Analysis

  • Financial Modelling

  • Project Based Accounting

  • Risk Management

  • Bench-marking

We believe that every business decision should be secured on the back of sound financial workings. 

Good management reports might answer the following questions:

  1. The return on your marketing?

  2. The average value of a new client?

  3. Business cash flow in 3 months?

  4. How sensitive is your business to 1% increase in interest rates?

  5. Are you working to budget or is there a variance?

Companies House Compliance

  • Basic Company Law and Admin

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Annual Confirmation Statements

  • Company Formations

  • Statutory Accounting

  • Company Administration

  • Compulsory AGM Documentation and Compliance

  • Minority Interest Compliance

From changing the companies registered address, appointing a new director, redeeming share capital, or issuing a different class of share will all need proper documentation and where necessary registration of the same.

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